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Libra Horoscope: December 2017

Letting go

You might feel that the only way to truly find yourself -- and the greater meaning of your life -- is to risk losing your senses completely. That's right, Libra, it's time to go off the deep end. This doesn't mean you'll be checking into the nearest institution. In fact, your entire esoteric and mental experience this month appears to be carefully crafted by your higher self. And yes, it will eventually lead to enlightenment. But first, you need to pave the road...

You might need to let go of certain pre-existing beliefs and ideas that you know deep down inside are not serving you. The voices inside your head that whisper you can't do, be, or have exactly what you want and deserve. December will be a test in that regard, because it's often easier to hold onto the brand of what's comfortable rather than try on something new. The universe is now demanding that you try on new ways of thinking by discarding old, outworn patterns in the same way that life eventually forces you to throw out your most comfy pair of jeans because they're worn to rags. They have served their purpose.

Mercury will help you achieve this mental closet cleaning from December 3 until December 22 as he travels retrograde through your message sector. You'll come out of this experience ready to embrace a new intellectual endeavor, especially thanks to the help of the New Moon on December 18 in the same area of your chart.

But pay close attention, Libra, because the universe is shifting your mindset for another reason, and it has to do with your greatest security needs. Saturn, the planet of lessons and responsibility, will move into your home and family sector on December 19, remaining here through December 2020. It's time to build a solid personal foundation and to learn how to provide your own nourishment without relying on anyone else. Family responsibilities might increase, but that's because it's your turn on the cosmic wheel of life to be the caretaker. You've got this ... and it all begins in your mind.

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