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Pisces Horoscope: December 2017

Domestic confusion

An uncertain domestic situation might leave you feeling drained early in the month. It's possible that someone in your family is struggling with an addiction or with mental illness. If so, your sense of hopelessness around his or her situation might escalate near the Full Moon on December 3. This lunation will press against Neptune, now in your sign. Your compassion for your family member is clear, but so is your realization that you can't do anything to help him or her fix the situation. That is in their hands. And, if you've been taken advantage of by anyone in your clan, this is the time when you'll realize that for your own sanity it's time to set healthy boundaries. Yes, it's time.

Also on December 3, Mercury will begin his retrograde phase, lasting through December 22. This will be a good time to hit the reset button on your career goals and re-evaluate how far you've come and how far you've yet to go. Also, it's time to consider if a current professional aspiration truly fits you today the way it did in the past. If not, perhaps it's time to let it go. A bright new opportunity concerning career is possible after December 18. Ironically, it may have to do with an old boss or other VIP you once connected with in your industry. It looks promising!

Along your career lines, it's also important to note that Saturn, the planet of restriction, limitation, and great lessons, will leave your professional 10th house on December 19 after a two-and-a-half-year stint there. You've certainly paid your dues, and as long as you've judiciously climbed up that ladder, it's quite possible that success is well within your grasp.

In other news, it's possible that you're going to become much more selective about the company you keep after December 19. Social ties will be less about quantity and much more about quality. Also, it's likely that the people you choose to mingle with will be connected to your career or some significant goal you'd like to achieve. Slowly but surely, your network of friends and acquaintances will help you meet this objective.

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