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Sagittarius Horoscope: December 2017

The good, the bad... and the beautiful

Good news! You're going to be smoking hot this December thanks to Venus touring your sign from December 1 until December 25. The planet of love and beauty will grace you with extra confidence and style that will help you effortlessly magnetize others your way. If you're single, this can truly be a month of you having many choices in the romance department.

A New Moon will fall in your sign on December 18, initiating a potent fresh start in whatever area of your life you choose to use this energy towards. Relationship and personal development will be key areas of focus, but the sky really is the limit for your ever-optimistic, Jupiter-ruled self, Sagittarius!

As if you needed more good news, Saturn will FINALLY leave your sign on December 19, helping you breathe again after two and a half years of learning how to embrace major personal responsibilities with grace and maturity.

So, where's the bad news? Not to rain on your parade, but one planetary trickster by the name of Mercury might put a snag in your plans. From December 3 until December 22, he'll move retrograde through your sign, leaving you feeling more than a little bit frustrated over not being understood by others the way you'd like. Important communications-related matters, contracts, or career opportunities are likely to stall for most of the month. If this happens, know that you're meant to inspect your current plans with a fine-tooth comb in order to sort out any problems you can fix.

Adding to the possible tension is a confounding Full Moon in your partnership sector on December 3 that will make a bewildering square to Neptune, now in your home and family sector. You might feel more confused than ever about what to do about your partner and one of your relatives who can't seem to get along. In fact, your family life as you know it might slip through your fingers because of this rift -- and you'll feel like a helpless monkey in the middle the entire time. Chin up, Sagittarius. At least you'll look gorgeous through it all.

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