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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for December 2017

In a fog

Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony, will tour your sign from December1 through December 25, giving you extra magnetism without even having to try. If you're single, this will help you attract others your way. If you're in a relationship, this will make you even more attractive to your mate. The problem isn't going to be with how you look or the sexy vibes you ooze this month. No, the problems begin when you open your mouth.

Mercury will turn retrograde in your sign on December 3, remaining out of phase through the December 22. Adding to this is a fuzzy Full Moon that will fall in your partnership sector on the same day, making it nearly impossible for you and your sweetheart to make sense out of each other -- or your relationship dynamic. Pull the plug on even trying to navigate whatever murky waters the two of you find yourself in during this time and do your best to float instead. Any decisions you make now are only likely to be ones you regret later anyway.

Whether you're single or attached, you might say something this month that you later regret, so be extra mindful of your words and how you communicate.

Despite all this chaotic relationship energy, there is a very bright spot for you to celebrate. Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation, will leave your sign for good on December 19 and won't return for another 29 years. It's possible that part of the reason you're feeling so much mental confusion is because of the major cosmic shift happening in your life. So much of the weight in your world is about to melt away, and you might not know what to think about it or how it will affect your love life just yet. Your best bet for December is to sit back, relax, and lean into these planetary shifts. Trying to figure it all out this month will only be mentally exhausting. A New Moon in your sign on December 18 will provide glimmers of something new. Let it manifest.

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