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Scorpio Horoscope: December 2017

Money talks

Although your finances might feel like a hot mess this month, you'll certainly have a zest for life, so it doesn't seem to get you down ... at least not for too long.

You might want to take several deep breaths and hide your debit card until December 3. A nasty Full Moon combined with Mercury turning retrograde across your financial axis might bring a bit of a fiscal crisis your way. It appears that it'll be most troublesome if you've made any reckless decisions with your money lately, such as a risky gamble or investment. If so, you might discover that you've lost out big time and will need to re-evaluate financial plans moving forward.

On a positive note, you'll have a gorgeous opportunity to remodel your budget between December 3 and December 22. You might also decide to go back to a side business or other job you used to have in order to bring in some extra dough. Also, since Saturn moves out of your 2nd House of Earned Income on December 19, you'll truly begin to feel the weight lifting off of those financial constraints you've felt for the last several years. A shiny New Moon in the same area of your chart on the December 18 serves as further proof that you'll have an opportunity to carve out a new revenue stream, regardless of any previous financial bleeding.

In fact, with Mars moving into your sign on December 9, you'll soon begin to feel invincible again. You'll have herculean powers of stamina, determination, and motivation to help you begin new projects that are vital to your personal empowerment until January 26, 2018. Nothing will stop you!

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