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Scorpio Love Horoscope for December 2017

Forward momentum

Your sexual charisma will be at an all-time high this month! Mars will enter Scorpio on December 9 for the first time in nearly two years and remains in your sign through January 26, 2018. This cycle will unleash every drop of power within as you assertively move towards initiating whatever projects and personal ambitions you've got running through your veins. This will also be a period of time when your libido goes into overdrive and will demand expression, so make sure you have an outlet! Fortunately, your sex life will be ultra-satisfying during this time for both you and your partner.

You might want to remove those rose-colored glasses in matters of the heart on December 10. Venus will be at a tense angle to Neptune and it might lead to you spending more money on your sweetheart than you know you should. Being generous is one thing, but being blind to your budgetary constraints in the name of love is just plain dumb. Don't fall into this trap!

A shift in your communication style might affect your love life after December 19. Saturn will move into your message sector at this time. You'll begin to notice how you slow down and become more deliberate in your dialogue with everyone. You might feel a little more cautious approaching someone you're crushing on since you may fall into the trap of being insecure about what to say. If you find this happening, check yourself immediately. Remind yourself of how much depth and intelligence you're made of and then go impress the object of your affection with your debonair conversation style. He or she will be listening and savoring every word, especially near December 25.

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