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Virgo Horoscope: December 2017

Bewildering maturity

Career confusion and romantic frustration are all distinct possibilities this month. Does this mean you should crawl under a rock and save yourself from all of the misery? Don't even think about it. The universe is shaking things up in your world for a reason, and you need to be fully present in order to figure out what, exactly, the point of it all is.

For starters, a stressed out Full Moon on December 3 might leave you and a business partner sending each other smoke signals of distress. One of you might begin to feel that the other isn't reliable. If that's the case, it'll be a problem that has to be addressed sooner rather than later. Most likely it's not you but the other person involved who is evading his or her responsibilities, leaving you understandably exasperated. You might also realize that the alliance is not working out the way you'd hoped. If so, you might need to end it. If you don't, there's a chance that your reputation will suffer, so don't spend too much energy trying to be the endless helper. For once, Virgo, help yourself. The good news is that if you and this other person do have anything worth salvaging, you'll be able to make your partner realize that their unrealistic expectations are hurting both of you professionally.

Adding to the mix might be some confusion on the home front. On the same day as the Full Moon, Mercury turns retrograde. Since this is your ruling planet, you'll need to be mindful of how he can be a sore spot in your world. Until December 22, Mercury will be out of phase in your domestic sector, making it possible that you and a relative will go through more miscommunication than usual. Real estate ventures will also be delayed, so expect the snag and be patient. In the end, the delay might turn out to help you find an error that will save you money.

Romance, children, and creative endeavors are about to become a cornerstone in your life. Saturn, the planet of discipline and responsibility, will move into your 5th house on December 19, remaining here until December 2020. Expect lessons about love that will teach you to open your heart responsibly. You'll also have an opportunity to build a solid creative project that stands the test of time.

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