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Aquarius Horoscope: December 2018

Career realignment/social boost

You've got quite a turnaround in store this month when it comes to your professional life. Although in recent months you may have received incredible opportunities for advancement, whatever growth you've experienced has likely stalled over the last several weeks. There has been a need for a course correction in terms of your career, and you might have even been carefully reviewing your goals and whether or not all of them are still tenable. Fortunately, you'll receive a welcome dose of cosmic support to restore harmony and balance into your career path after December 2 when Venus moves to the top of your chart. She was here and traveling retrograde back in October, but now she's moving in strong and direct motion. She is helping you be seen and appreciated by higher-ups or anyone in your industry with clout. Your value is so clear to someone in power this month, there might be a pivotal conversation that leads to a lucrative offer or opportunity. Anticipate this type of dialogue once Mercury turns direct in the same area of your chart on December 6.

Although you'll be busy making the most of your career prospects this month, you won't fall short when it comes to enjoying time out with friends. A New Moon on December 7 might stimulate a flurry of invitations to holiday parties and other gatherings your way. You might also be ready to begin working on a major technology-related endeavor such as a website, social media campaign, YouTube channel, or even a webinar series. Whatever you do that involves innovation and science will succeed beautifully.

Towards the end of the month you might start to focus more on health. The Full Moon on December 22 might prompt you to get rid of those nasty habits that are starting to take a toll on your body and overall well-being. Going into the New Year you might be one of those with resolutions to quit smoking, exercise more, and make better food choices. With a lunation in your health sector, you've got all the cosmic support you need to succeed.

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