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Cancer Love Horoscope for December 2018

An awakening of the heart

The tough outer core that protects your vulnerable heart has really been exposed to the elements lately. In fact, you've been challenged to face romantic storms you might have once thought only happened to people on reality television shows. You've been living an actual soap opera and it might not even have been by your own conscious choice.

Whatever the gory details may be, it's clear that your love life became tangled up in complicated webs. The darker side of love and romantic attachments reared its ugly head for you to navigate, and you might have come into very close contact with your own shadow as a result. Themes of possessiveness, obsessiveness, suspicion, or actual betrayal and mistrust have required your confrontation. This month you'll understand that by choosing to take off the suit of armor around your heart, you'll do it more service than you ever could have by leaving it there. You've been brave enough to wake your heart up to the deepest, most fulfilling love possible. Don't be afraid to open your heart because of your past battle scars, Cancer. Be brave and always choose love.

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