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Capricorn Horoscope: December 2018

Inner guidance

Trusting your gut takes on a whole new meaning this month. Jupiter, the planet of blessings, moved into your 12th House of Spirituality in November. This is the area of the chart where we either "serve or suffer," but it's also where we can find a direct link to the divine. Your compassion has likely been aroused by this transit, and you may find you're more interested in helping the underdog or doing some charitable work in your community this month. At the same time, you might feel a yearning to go deeper and get in touch with your psychic or spiritual ability, as well as whatever higher power you might believe in.

This month, the universe is granting you incredible support to initiate any and all of the above endeavors -- with Jupiter's sanctions. A New Moon on December 7 in the same area of your chart as Jupiter will set into motion something divinely inspired inside of you to help others and to open up to your sacred self in a way that you might never have done before. Trust your inner voice, Capricorn. It is speaking softly now but it is also speaking volumes. It will not steer you wrong.

In other news, your social life is about to become much more enjoyable and much less confusing! Venus moves into your friendship sector on December 2 and Mercury turns direct there on December 6. For the rest of December, you'll notice a much happier feel when it comes to the time you spend with friends and in the conversations you share with them. If you're single, be open to meeting someone through a friend's introduction. You might also join a new dating website or app and find yourself intoxicated by a sexy someone whose profile stands out from the rest. Explore!

If you're in a relationship, a Full Moon on December 22 might bring an emotional turning point to your connection. This lunation is in Cancer, so you and your mate are feeling all the feels. Don't deny them now -- there's just no point.

Mars will move into your home and family sector on December 31, so you can anticipate ringing in the New Year feeling motivated to make some major changes to your home. If you need to address any conflict between you and a relative, you'll face the issues head-on. You might also want to begin a major construction or DIY project. Pick up the hammer and get going!

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