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Leo Horoscope: December 2018

Oh baby! Goodies everywhere!

You may have found your happy place, Leo! Life is definitely looking bright in December. Having fun with the people you love and doing what brings a smile to your face became your number one priority last month when Jupiter moved into your 5th House of Romance, Pleasure, and Creative Self-Expression. Those Jupiterian blessings will get a jump-start this month thanks to a gorgeous New Moon in the same area of your chart on December 7. If you're single, this lunation will help you open your heart to a new special someone. In fact, you may fall in love before you know it. If your sex life has been lacking, having Jupiter and the New Moon stimulating your 5th house can absolutely bring some physical action back into your life. It'll make you feel on top of the world! However, if children are not a priority for you, be careful. You're under a tremendously fertile cycle now. Baby making can definitely be on the horizon.

Alternatively, you might feel a creative spark this month that will encourage you to initiate a brand-new artistic endeavor you're extremely passionate about. Go for it! There seems to be great success and fulfillment attached to this effort.

In other news, if you've been experiencing any miscommunication with relatives, it will all begin to clear up after December 6 when Mercury turns direct in your home and family sector. A Full Moon in Cancer takes place in your hidden 12th House of Vulnerabilities on December 22, possibly helping you let go of any fears or anxieties you have attached to a family matter. Letting go of your pain attached to this situation will only make more room for the happiness potential you've got going on.

If you've experienced any kind of stall with a real estate contract, you'll likely see forward movement once Mercury regulates his orbit. Be patient.

You'll be ready to celebrate the possibilities of 2019 by New Year's Eve. This is when you may consider how to best use your energy to expand your horizons spiritually or intellectually. Mars will move into your 9th House of Beliefs on December 31, motivating you to seek the truth by having the courage to ask the big questions in life. You might even be ready to pack your bags and explore a new part of the world. Life is an experience and a journey. You're finally ready to take it!

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