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Leo Love Horoscope for December 2018

New love

If you're single, this might be the best month in quite some time for you to meet someone who makes your heart beat faster. This will be the type of person who lifts you up, inspires you, and motivates you to become a better version of yourself. When you meet someone with the ability to make you feel all of this, then you know it's worth exploring. You could make this love connection at any point in December, but you'll truly have the most spectacular cosmic support after the New Moon on December 7.

If you're already in a relationship and would like to have a baby, then this might be the month you conceive. Fertility will be high for you, so if a baby is not part of your plan … well … you've been warned!

In other news, you'll find that life becomes much more peaceful and enjoyable around your home and family dynamic after December 6. If you live with your sweetheart, then that will be a definite bonus. If you're newly dating someone, then this will be the month to introduce your significant other to your clan. You'll get a unanimous stamp of approval.

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