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Libra Horoscope: December 2018

Your words are gold

The gift of gab is one thing, but when you have words that matter and can truly have an impact on others and in your own life … well, that is gold. You essentially hit the communication jackpot last month when Jupiter moved into your message sector. Having Jupiter here means that you're in a phase where your mind can expand in ways you never thought possible. You'll achieve this through learning experiences and opportunities but also by sharing your own wisdom with others. Whether it's through a conversation, teaching, or even writing, you'll make a difference by sharing your thoughts.

All of this goodness will truly be set into motion on December 7 thanks to a beautiful New Moon in the same area of your chart as Jupiter. This lunation will stimulate Jupiter to start pouring out his luck -- and that means a major communications-related opportunity is on its way. If you're in a position to sign contracts for anything, know that you'll have all the odds in your favor after this lunation. Mercury happens to turn direct the day before on December 6, so don't even worry. You're good to go.

There might be a turning point in your professional life near the Full Moon in Cancer on December 22. Touching the top of your chart, it's likely you'll receive spotlight attention for a career milestone you've achieved or some other honor. If you're leaving your career path for any reason, it might be an emotional time. You might be leaving behind a profession you're well-seasoned in and wonder what will come next. Trust that the universe has a plan and is stimulating these changes to usher you into the next phase of your personal growth. Whenever we experience loss, it clears the decks for something new to come into our lives. Trust the process.

Mars will move into your partnership sector by December 31, and you may feel a bit feisty towards your mate. Fighting for no reason won't help your relationship but if there is an issue cropping up, you won't skirt around it. Instead, you will want to face things head-on -- and you will. Happily, with Mars in your partnership sector, there is guaranteed to be some very active "making up" once you and your partner get past any conflict. Enjoy!

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