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Pisces Horoscope: December 2018

Bigger and better

There is nothing small about your life these days, especially when it comes to your career path. Last month Jupiter moved to the top of your chart for the first time in 12 years. This celestial event will last until December 2, 2019 and promises magnificent growth spurts in your professional world. However, it is this month that you'll begin to see the rumblings of success begin to take shape. A beautiful New Moon lands at the top of your chart on December 7, closely linking to expansive Jupiter. There is a definite opportunity for you to move career mountains and it very likely involves a promotion or other significant step up. You are ready to dream big when it comes to your goals, easily seizing the moment if a VIP offers you any break. If you've been looking to open up your very own business, this is the month to begin the process. Mercury will also turn direct on December 6 and moves into your career sector by December 12 where he'll remain through January 4. This will not only help you negotiate terms on contracts related to your career, but it will also give you an edge in all conversations with higher-ups.

You might also have some emotional loose ends to tie up regarding your love life or with a child near the Full Moon on December 22. This lunation is in Cancer, the sign that is deeply sentimental and intuitive. Full Moons can be a time of ending, so if you and someone you're dating are not exactly feeling the love, this might be a time you decide to part ways. In fact, many relationships end right before New Year, because we get a sense of needing to clear the decks in order to make room for what might better serve us in the near future. If you are in an unhappy situation, there simply is no reason to stay there.

If this Full Moon is not about romance for you, then it might be about a child. You might be giving birth or releasing your attachment to one of your kids if they are getting older and need to start branching out with greater independence. Although it won't be easy for you, you know it must be done.

Mars will move into your earned income sector by December 31, aggravating expenses but also ramping up your ambition to make even more money in 2019. Yes!

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