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Sagittarius Horoscope: December 2018

Having it all

You're in the most enviable position as December begins and you know it! Last month Jupiter moved into your sign, granting you promises of unicorns, rainbows, and dreams come true. While you might not be at your pot of gold just yet, you are certainly coming one step closer to it this month. A New Moon in your sign on December 7 will be connected to Jupiter and together, this suggests a major fresh start that leads to something successful, magical, and everything you could possibly hope for. Do something big this month. Take that risk. Dare to dream higher than you ever have before. The universe is supporting your sign with endless cosmic green lights. Whatever it is you initiate now will be something you have great faith in -- and rightly so. It's as if you have this inner knowing that it can't possibly fail. There is just no way.

Mercury will turn direct on December 6 and will quickly enter your sign on December 12, adding to your ability to follow through with whatever plans you set into motion this month. Decisions will be easy to make, and you might be tied to your opinions, but that doesn't have to be a negative. In fact, this month it might not be so much about being self-righteous as it is you simply having enough faith in your mindset to trust it completely. This will also be a fortunate time for contracts and decisions about your future.

Your love life might take on an interesting turn this month as well. If you're coupled up, you and your sweetheart might decide to get away from everyone and tuck yourselves away on a private retreat somewhere, so you can recharge your spiritual batteries. You can fully expect to enjoy some deeply intimate bonding with each other in the process.

If there was any miscommunication between you and your partner -- or recent secrets one of you held from the other -- you'll be able to rectify things in December. Forgiveness is likely as you'll understand that it was human vulnerability rather than malicious intent that led to any cagey communication. You've got so much faith in all of life's possibilities that you want to believe in the best when it comes to your love life. You are not wrong in this approach, at least not these days.

A Full Moon on December 22 might become a bit of an expense. There might be a significant investment you need to make in your home for repairs, or it could be that a relative needs some financial support. Another possibility, however, is that you're cutting a check for a down payment on a home purchase.

December, and 2018, ends with Mars moving into your true love sector. If you are single, you're guaranteed some hot and heavy action as the New Year begins!

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