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Scorpio Love Horoscope for December 2018

Beautiful ... just beautiful

A turning point in life and love is coming your way in December. But make no mistake about it, Scorpio. You've earned this moment.

Venus will re-enter your sign on December 2 and remains there through January 7. She was in your sign from September 9-October 31, but she was in a pre-retrograde shadow and then a full-on retrograde during this stretch of time. That means you've been going through it lately when it comes to Venus-ruled matters. If you've struggled with confidence in love, feeling valued and appreciated, or just feeling beautiful, then the universe put you in a cosmic time out so you could check yourself before you wrecked yourself.

Happily, even though the deep soul diving might have been uncomfortable or even brutal, you've come out on the other side. You've learned a thing or two about what you will and won't accept in your love life. This month you are declaring your worth out into the universe and the universe is ready to respond. Resolution in difficult romantic scenarios are likely to happen in December and there is every indication you'll be getting exactly what you want in love. Isn't that beautiful?

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