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February 2013 Horoscope

Romance vs. Realism

February is a month of contrasts with cool blues of reason interspersed with deep greens of emotion. We're doing the Aquarius-Pisces dance in the last two signs of the zodiac, which encompass intellect and instinct. Aquarius represents freedom and Pisces represents faith. Both take us past the rules and responsibilities of Capricorn. We're less ambitious personally and more plugged into community and collective consciousness. Aquarius is the contradictory one that believes in groups yet craves independence -- being part of a team but outside its rules. It's the ideal democracy, with equal belief in cooperation and liberty.

The Sun is in Aquarius until February 18, and it is joined in this emotionally cool and intellectually gifted sign by affectionate Venus on February 1, which can chill relationships. The airy detachment of this sign is moistened by emotion, though, when active Mars enters watery Pisces on February 1. The warrior planet's ingress in the last sign of the zodiac softens our actions with compassion and inspires us with imagination. Cerebral Mercury's move into Pisces on February 5 blurs conceptual edges as we learn to see beyond the limits of logic. Communication may be muddled with the messenger planet in the zodiac's diffusive final sign. Facts give way to feelings and language grows poetic. Tender words can help heal wounds but white lies may be used to avoid confrontation.

Pursuing dreams is expected early this month, especially from February 4-8, as hope may grow beyond reason yet encourage us to seek inspiring experiences. Avoid overselling on February 9, though, when verbal Mercury squares excessive Jupiter and we're flooded with words. The New Moon in Aquarius on February 10 marks the beginning of a fresh lunar cycle. Its occurrence in this unconventional sign encourages experimentation and originality. Breaking old habits is another favorable way to ride this planetary wave. This event is also a reminder that no matter how isolated we might feel, we are all equal members of the human family.

If we spread ourselves too thin or go too far when active Mars squares expansive Jupiter on February 10, we can expect to be reined in when the warrior planet connects to contractive Pluto and Saturn on February 15-16. The Sun's shift into Pisces on February 18 increases awareness of spiritual matters, making this an excellent period to take time out from practical matters to tune into the divine forces in which we live. A solar conjunction with dissolute Neptune on February 20 can carry us off into fantasyland or evoke dreams of a more fulfilling existence.

Another retreat from reason, or put more positively a recognition of the truths that lie beyond logic, comes when Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces on February 23. Greater errors in communication and technical matters are possible during the subsequent three weeks, but this is also a period when intuition grows stronger. Excess is on the agenda again when Jupiter squares the Full Moon in Virgo on February 25. The challenge is to be selective among the many events and ideas arising then to set clear priorities about managing them. Lovely Venus slips into sweet Pisces on February 25 before joining imaginative Neptune on February 28, ending the month on a romantic, if not entirely realistic, note.

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