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February 2013 Career Horoscope

Use your imagination

February is a very creative month, when out-of-the-box ideas and unconventional thinking could pay off professionally. The Sun is in innovative Aquarius until February 18, which is favorable for originality and futuristic thinking. Individuals who are unafraid of getting out on the cutting edge should have some advantages at work. Of course, those who are too far ahead of the pack may not be understood or appreciated.

Putting ideas into concrete form is not easy as mental Mercury is floating through dreamy Pisces all month. While this is helpful for discussing delicate issues that require an extra dose of kindness, factual matters sometimes grow fuzzy.

This becomes more obvious as the month goes on and Mercury slows down while approaching its retrograde turning point on February 23. Mercury begins a three-week reversal period then, which tends to muddle messages. However, if there are loose ends in communication matters, that will be a good time to start tying them up.

Active Mars enters super-sensitive Pisces on February 1 to support creative endeavors. However, dealing with conflict can be more difficult because the warrior planet tends to avoid direct confrontation in this emotional sign. Time and energy can be wasted unless there's a bit of self-discipline to keep efforts on track.

The urge for independence is strong on February 10, with the New Moon in free-spirited Aquarius, but financial considerations may delay any plans to make a move. Gathering resources patiently is needed before a major shift can be done without risk.

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