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February 2013 Love Horoscope

Sweet freedom

The road to love is filled with twists and turns this month. Among the reasons is a disconnect between Venus and Mars, the planets of action and attraction. Aggressive Mars goes soft upon entering squishy Pisces on February 1. It's hard to maintain passion with ardor's planet in this wandering sign.

Still, this transit is favorable for tender touches, sweet behavior and healing activities. These are more applicable to increasing kindness in a current alliance than having the sense of purpose to launch a new one. A tendency to allow ourselves to be carried by circumstances rather than taking charge of our lives is one way in which Mars in Pisces functions.

Venus, the planet of attraction, also changes signs on February 1, entering quirky Aquarius. A greater need for freedom is paramount with amorous Venus in this friendly but slightly distant sign. This is another damper on the deep desire to connect that usually fuels romance. Interest in unusual people and activities and the appeal of working for causes are favored by attractive Venus' Aquarian transit. Don't crowd anyone and avoid jealousy and possessiveness if you want to please others with the planet of love in this independent sign.

Nevertheless, we may grow more sentimental in the latter part of February, when the Sun enters sensitive Pisces on February 18 and joins dreamy Neptune on February 20. Venus follows suit on February 25, when she moves into Pisces and meets Neptune on February 28 to end the month on a very romantic note.

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