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Aries Love Horoscope: February 2013

Show your devotion

You might need to go into stealth mode to advance your personal interests this month. Your aggressive ruling planet Mars slips into the super sensitive sign of Pisces on February 1, which tends to diffuse passion and soften your approach to going after who and what you want. This transit occurs in your off-the-grid 12th House of Spirituality, where it increases your need for privacy.

Taking a bold and direct path toward someone you like is less comfortable with Mars in Pisces. But this placement can also supply you with a more tender and subtle touch that makes you appear safer to be with. Showing your interest in someone new or your present partner through acts of kindness and charity fits the Mars in Pisces profile.

On February 4, Mars joins magical Neptune to add another dose of fantasy to your life. Ideally, this can be a time of inspiration when art, music, acts of compassion and spirituality take relationships to a more sublime level. You may be ready to make sacrifices to demonstrate your devotion. But it's also easy to be taken by illusions with these transits, whether you're motivated by the fantasies in your mind or you are fooled by someone who isn't being entirely truthful.

Friends and organizations can help to boost your personal life, though, as alluring Venus enters your 11th House of Groups on February 1. Connecting with someone new or enriching a current relationship will come from working for a cause, as idealism is much more attractive than self-interest this month.

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