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Capricorn Love Horoscope: February 2013

Loosen your grip

Loosen up if you want to be more appealing to others and more comfortable with yourself this month. The Sun is in unconventional Aquarius and your 2nd House of Self-Worth until February 18, which rewards you for being experimental in your attitude, appearance and values. Relationships are likely to work better when you relax and let go of your expectations.

Loving Venus is also in Aquarius until February 25, which reinforces the idea that you're more desirable and happier when you are willing to break some of your personal rules. A fresh look and an open-minded attitude will go a long way to finding joy with others. Freedom is more important than commitment now, which is meant to reduce your desire to control your personal life.

The Aquarius New Moon on February 10 is a key day for clarifying where you stand in partnerships. If you're single, you should get a sharper picture of what you need to work on to make yourself more appealing. If you're in a relationship, this can be a testing time when jealousy or a lack of affection or money could trigger conflict. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to addressing these issues because resolving them will require time and effort.

If you feel unappreciated, complaining isn't going to help, although speaking honestly without casting blame or feeling guilty can have a very positive effect. Your responsible ruling planet Saturn turns retrograde on February 18, which begins a backward period of several months when you get to clean up the past and complete unfinished business.

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