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Gemini Horoscope: February 2013

Psychic Connection

It's slippery at the top, and managing your professional and public responsibilities can be pretty tricky this month. Your strong sense of compassion and overactive imagination may encourage you to take on tasks that aren't clearly defined when energetic Mars slips into abstract Pisces and your 10th House of Career on February 1. It's great to be inspired by a project or for your idealism to cast you in a leadership role, but don't overstretch yourself if you hope to maintain a modicum of control when others are relying on you.

Another factor in this equation is Mercury's entry into dreamy Pisces and your responsible 10th House on February 5. Intuition tends to be stronger than logic, so learning to read the subtle signs between the lines may tell you much more than mere facts. Mischievous Mercury turns retrograde on February 23 and backpedals in your 10th House of Career until March 17. Projects may go sideways or even stall during this period; you may need to readjust until your ruling planet goes direct and you find more solid footing.

Regardless of how much you already have on your plate, you may still be looking for answers with the inquisitive Aquarius New Moon stimulating your 9th House of Higher Mind on February 10. Pursuing knowledge, desirable as that sounds, can also distract you from your current obligations if you let your mind wander too far afield.

The Sun's entry into spiritual Pisces and your dutiful 10th House of Career on February 18 supplies you with an abundance of faith, confidence and creativity. The message of the earthy Virgo Full Moon in your 4th House of Roots on February 25 is simple and straightforward: Get off your cloud and hunker down with the details.

Keep in Mind this Month

You'll save time and energy if you can find ways around obstacles rather than trying to overcome them with persistence and force.

Key Dates for Gemini


February 6-9: More than Meets the Eye

Your psychic powers are high on February 6, thanks to a Mercury-Neptune conjunction that enriches imagination and sensitizes speech. Indeed, your capacity to communicate in poetic and gentle ways can cool down heated adversaries. Nevertheless, what you're seeing might be more about wish fulfillment than reality, creating confusing conversations and muddling your mastery of details. A reliable ally can provide a dash of objectivity that keeps you from drifting off into fantasyland. On February 7, a benevolent Venus-Jupiter trine nourishes you with delicious ideas, sumptuous discussions, and playful flirtations. However, the pressure to get back to work is strong when Mercury joins pushy Mars on February 8 and squares judgmental Jupiter on February 9. Irritability and impatience may provoke you to say something harsh when you really need the support of colleagues. The stress of trying to manage a fast-moving situation alone can feel overwhelming, which is why it's best to pull back, slow down and devise a better strategy than hastily rushing ahead.

February 21: Destination Unknown

You might find yourself playing the role of a hero or a martyr today as the dramatic Sun joins sacrificial Neptune in your 10th House of Public Responsibility. You could be an inspiring leader whose vision of a better tomorrow rouses the support of your co-workers. It can be risky to let passion get the best of you, though. Selling your idealistic vision with emotional appeals might fail to provide it with the solid foundation that makes it last. If you're overly ambitious, you might wind up only chasing rainbows, returning empty-handed.

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