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Leo Horoscope: February 2013

Love vs. Logic

A dramatic dance between romance and reason this month plunges you into an emotional fantasyland one moment and cools you down with logic the next. The fun starts on February 1, with incorrigible Mars entering fantasy-driven Pisces and your 8th House of Intimacy, followed by airy Venus' shift into intellectual Aquarius and your 7th House of Others. Though you long to erase boundaries and jump in with your heart or into a business alliance, you'll find this countered by an equally urgent need for breathing space.

On February 5, interactive Mercury's plunge into Pisces and your 8th House tilts the balance toward a total merger, especially when you're dealing with an imaginative talker. Yet no matter how tight you are with someone, the New Moon in nonconformist Aquarius on February 10 can snap you back to a place where you value your independence more than anything else.

The rhythm shifts again with the Sun's entry into Pisces on February 18, reviving dreams of idyllic relationships. These unrealistic desires can blur your judgment and pull you into an unhealthy alliance. Playing the rescuer role or sacrificing yourself for another's illusions is obviously an undesirable way to go. Mercury's retrograde turn on February 23 might help you review recent events and clear up a misunderstanding, yet it's more likely to lure you into alliances where facts are fuzzy and deception is possible.

Venus drifts into poetic Pisces and your 8th House on February 25, enticing you to fall in love with love. Life is dreamily delicious and ripe for romance, yet the rationality of the earthy Virgo Full Moon the same day signals the need for a little discrimination and a more careful investment of your resources.

Keep in Mind this Month

It's perfectly acceptable to change your mind and renegotiate the terms of a partnership, instead of silently enduring an unsatisfying situation. Being honest is truly the best policy.

Key Dates for Leo

February 7: Lovable You

Whatever you're selling is very appealing to others today. Charming Venus in your 7th House of Partners forms a free-flowing trine with joyful Jupiter that makes you extremely desirable company for work or play. While it's tempting to say yes to every invitation, being choosy in a friendly way keeps you from spreading yourself too thin and missing out on the most useful connections.


February 14-16: No Pain, No Gain

Valentine's Day is bittersweet when an uncomfortable Sun-Pluto semi-square on February 14 brings secret concerns out into the open. If you're able to move beyond mistrust or resentment, you'll find that you can extract rewards from even the most difficult situation. A laser-like Mars-Pluto sextile on February 15 can transform relationship wounds into passionate moments that deepen connections. This aspect creates an ideal moment for addressing delicate issues with focus and purpose, and facilitating change without stirring up irrelevant side issues. The competence of this planetary pair is reinforced by a highly productive trine between enterprising Mars and orderly Saturn on February 16 that helps you manage delicate tasks with gentle efficiency.

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