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Leo Career Horoscope: February 2013

Keep an open mind

Partnerships and professional relationships of all kinds should be the main points of focus this month. The Aquarius Sun occupies your 7th House of Others until February 18, requiring you to work hard to get along with people. Working with unconventional individuals can be exciting if they are smart and innovative. However, you could encounter stubborn-minded folks whose strong ideas aren't nearly as clever as they think.

Sociable Venus is also in this part of your chart until February 25, which adds charm to your work-related skills. Tolerating different kinds of people may seem tiring, but the rewards for opening your mind to unusual concepts and characters can be worth the effort.

A light touch is required when dealing with colleagues or customers, as assertive Mars is in tender Pisces and your 8th House of Deep Sharing all month. You may be called upon to support a weaker member of the team at times, which is fine for a while, but be alert to aligning yourself permanently with those who are irresponsible dreamers or unable to carry their weight.

Mental Mercury is also in imaginative Pisces and this collaborative house all month. What you hear may not be what you get, and what you say or write can be easily misunderstood. Don't assume that messages sent are received until you've double-checked them. Communications require sensitivity because insecure people take offense at even innocent remarks.

Financial matters, resource issues or questions of self-worth may come to a head with the Virgo Full Moon in your 2nd House of Assets on February 25.

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