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Libra Horoscope: February 2013

Listen to Your Heart

Romance -- one of your favorite subjects -- gets top billing for much of this month. Venus, the planet of love, enters witty Aquarius and your amorous 5th House on February 1, putting you in a playful mood and inviting plenty of attention. Your innovative ways of expressing your feelings and exposing your talents are bound to garner you admiration without making you look like a show-off.

Finding time to play can be difficult with active Mars diving into altruistic Pisces and your 6th House of Service on February 1. It's easy to sacrifice yourself for a task that never ends, so think twice before taking on any new responsibilities. However, renewed inspiration in your work is a potential benefit as long as you don't waste your time daydreaming. The unconventional Aquarius New Moon on February 10 falls in your 5th House of Play, creating an excellent moment for initiating creative projects and being spontaneously friendly and flirty. You may discover delight in unexpected places and share your joy with others.

Your progress on projects may start to slow when productive Saturn turns retrograde and the Sun slips into whimsical Pisces on February 18. Cerebral Mercury turns backward in your systematic 6th House on February 23, reminding you to simplify your life, revise your methods and complete unfinished tasks. Yet you could find pleasure and maybe even an emotional attraction on the job, with lovely Venus' move into dreamy Pisces on February 25.

Beware spreading your energy too thin -- you might wear yourself out if you don't take care of yourself. The Full Moon in health-oriented Virgo brightens your 12th House of Escapism on February 25, squaring excessive Jupiter in multifaceted Gemini. It's time to pull in the reins and be more discriminating about your commitments.

Keep in Mind this Month

Burning your candle at both ends brings you a short-term buzz of excitement, but managing your schedule wisely produces a lasting balance between work and play.

Key Dates for Libra


February 6-7: Object of Desire

A sweet sextile between sexy Venus and irreverent Uranus spices up your personal life on February 6. Your saucy attitude and fresh approach to relationships provide pleasure in a light, noncommittal way. This is a chance to gently stretch the limits of social behavior without risking your reputation. A murky Mercury-Neptune conjunction could create communication confusion, but is also a rich source of imaginative thinking. Unbridled pleasure is a potential gift of a lucky Venus-Jupiter trine on February 7. Your charm flows so easily that affection and attention naturally come your way. Gentle persuasion is much more effective now than acting needy or applying pressure on others.

February 19-22: Sink or Swim

Unreliable individuals wreak havoc with your plans as Venus forms an edgy semi-square with unpredictable Uranus on February 19. Flexibility helps you adapt to surprises and also makes it possible to appreciate people who act in unexpected ways. The metaphysical Sun-Neptune conjunction on February 21 is excellent for beginning a spiritual practice and seeking more meaning in your work. Purging Pluto's semi-square with Venus on February 22 squeezes out ambiguous feelings, forcing you to make a difficult choice. If you don't trust someone, either clear the air or consider cutting this person loose. It's healthier to deal with the consequences of being truthful than to avoid a confrontation.

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