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Libra Love Horoscope: February 2013

If it isn't fun, don't do it

OK Libra, it's time to have some fun. Sure, relationships are serious business, but this isn't the month to dwell on the past or to worry about the future. It's time to enjoy the present as fully as you can, because your loving ruling planet Venus enters friendly Aquarius on February 1.

While this is favorable for being open, experimental and playful, the real story is that this planet will be in your 5th House of Romance until February 25. Venus is magnetic and tends to make you feel more attractive during this period. Experimenting with your appearance and your approach to others can make life feel more like a game. The basic rule now should be that if it isn't fun, don't do it.

Yup, pleasure is meant to be the goal, which should be pleasing to you. Playing with lighthearted people keeps you from taking things too seriously. But if you're in a relationship that isn't very happy at the moment, putting more life into it comes from doing enjoyable things together instead of spending all of your energy trying to solve problems.

February 10 is a key date, because that's when the New Moon in Aquarius occurs, offering a fresh perspective on romantic matters. Yet Venus is in a tense square with serious Saturn on the same day, forcing you to face facts. This could be when you recognize that you're in a dead-end situation and you might want to come up with an exit plan -- or if you're lonely or feeling unappreciated, take responsibility and commit to making positive personal changes.

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