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Pisces Horoscope: February 2013

You're the Boss

This very special month may set the tone for the rest of the year, starting with a push from muscular Mars entering your 1st House of Self on February 1. Take charge of your life by being more physically active and willing to act on your own initiative. You're unlikely to come on too strong with value-conscious Venus' shift into cool Aquarius and your subtle 12th House on February 1. Your desire to please people recedes as you become more independent and require less approval from others.

Perceptive Mercury moves into psychic Pisces on February 5 to stimulate your mind and loosen your tongue. However, finding the right words to express your thoughts might not be easy; metaphors, symbols and forms of expression such as art, poetry, music and dance are all wonderful ways to tell your story. Don't overload your schedule with too many tasks because fleet-footed Mercury slows down in the second half of the month before turning retrograde on February 23, complicating communications, muddling details and messing with travel plans until it turns direct on March 17.

You gain spiritual insights when the conceptual Aquarius New Moon on February 10 occurs in your 12th House of Divinity. The Sun's entry into Pisces on February 18 boosts confidence and raises your profile. Relationships take the spotlight with the pragmatic Virgo Full Moon shining in your 7th House of Partners on February 25. You're wise to fix current alliances by attending to specific issues -- unless the limitations imposed by a personal or professional union become unbearable and you consider leaving it. If you keep your heart open, you can feel the love wherever you go when adoring Venus visits your dreamy sign on February 25 to March 21.

Keep in Mind this Month

You learn more and achieve better results by tuning into your feelings and following your own instincts rather than by letting other people tell you what to do.

Key Dates for Pisces


February 21: Make Magic

The willful Sun's conjunction with spiritual Neptune expands your consciousness and strengthens your intuition. You can enchant people with the power of your faith and your ability to appear as others want to see you. Yet it's easy to lose yourself in the midst of a fantasy if you're not careful. Stepping into this magical world of creativity may be intoxicating while it lasts, but turning your visions into reality requires the clarity, consistency and commitment that stem from planting your feet firmly on the ground.

February 25-26: Go Big or Go Home

The picky Virgo Full Moon squares pompous Jupiter in chatty Gemini, tempting you to express strong opinions on February 25. However, your beliefs may not be as solid as they seem and you might be embarrassed if you can't back them up with facts. Retrograde Mercury's conjunction with Mars on February 26 puts people in a combative mood, yet the battle may be more frustrating than fruitful if your point isn't crystal clear.

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