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Pisces Love Horoscope: February 2013

Chasing rainbows

Passion starts percolating early this month when ardent Mars, the planet of action, enters Pisces on February 1. The good news is this can give you the drive to improve yourself and to take more initiative in relationships. It is possible that you will be impatient or even pre-mature in your actions, though. That's because the Sun is still hiding in your obscure 12th House of Spirituality until February 18, when you will be more confident, creative and capable of taking charge of your personal life.

Mars joins spacey Neptune on February 4, which could make you feel like you're living in a dream world. Ideally, this adds a touch of intuition and imagination, but it can also be about chasing illusions. While you need the inspiration of pursuing an ideal and you are capable of acting with great sensitivity, it's also possible for you to exhaust yourself pursuing a person who isn't as wonderful as you think.

The following day, mental Mercury enters Pisces to color your ideas with faith and fantasies that may be very compelling, but far from realistic. Be careful about what you say and what you believe when Mercury joins Neptune on February 6, because words are easily misunderstood then.

Happily, the Sun's entry into Pisces on February 18 firms up your will and strengthens your sense of purpose. Magnetic Venus follows on February 25, which should make love come alive. Appreciating and enjoying yourself are keys to cashing in on this glamorous transit that might make you more desirable than ever.

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