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Sagittarius Horoscope: February 2013

Learn from Your Past

Domestic matters take precedence this month as a parade of planets float through your 4th House of Home and Family. On February 1, energetic Mars swims into sensitive Pisces and this part of your chart to stir up the emotional waters in your household. Long lingering issues may surface to provoke conflict, yet this transit can also provide you the drive to turn your living space into a launching pad for long-term ambitions.

Sweet Venus' entry into airy Aquarius on February 1 provides a dash of objectivity and spurs collaboration in conversations with creative people. Communicative Mercury moves into mystical Pisces on February 5, enhancing your psychic powers. However, your hypersensitivity also gives you an extra layer of vulnerability. Mercury's retrograde turn in your introspective 4th House on February 23 brings up issues from the past to inspire your imagination or confuse you with uncertainty.

You're blessed with original thinking on February 10 -- a gift of the conceptual Aquarius New Moon in your 3rd House of Information. However, your unconventional visions of the future might not be comfortable for others as a Venus-Saturn square on the 11th evokes resistance from conservative individuals. The Sun's passage into Pisces on February 18 supplies courage and compassion when you must deal with complicated emotions, but forgiveness is your key to applying them effectively.

Obligations at work can reach a critical point on February 25, when the perfectionist Virgo Full Moon lights up your 10th House of Career. A lunar square to limitless Jupiter in jittery Gemini could overwhelm you with a million and one tiny tasks. Fortunately, the Moon's perceptive trine with purging Pluto requires you to eliminate unnecessary obligations to clarify your professional priorities.

Keep in Mind this Month

The key to the happiness you seek is a sense of security. You can create this by attending to personal issues and working toward a more nurturing environment at home.

Key Dates for Sagittarius


February 6-10: Fasten Your Seat Belt

You enjoy new forms of pleasure on February 6 with an adventurous Venus-Uranus sextile. An intuitive Mercury-Neptune conjunction helps you read between the lines, yet you risk being sloppy with facts or falling for someone's misleading story. A delicious Venus-Jupiter trine on February 7 amplifies your social charms, attracts generous people, and brightens your day. This delightful mood may be shaken with a verbally aggressive Mercury-Mars conjunction on February 8.While this planetary pair can sharpen thinking and empower words, you might go to extremes when eloquent Mercury squares opinionated Jupiter on February 9 and excitable Mars makes the same aspect on February 10. The Aquarius New Moon contributes to these powerful patterns by urging you to promote your ideas and act with enthusiasm. Managing these energetic wild horses effectively can enable you to be very productive, but letting them run freely could trigger conflicts.

February 25-26: Stick to the Point

You incline toward excess and overstating your beliefs at the best of times, Sagittarius -- a tendency that's stoked on February 25 by an overblown Sun-Jupiter square. However, even if you're off somewhere on cloud nine, a sharp-eyed Mercury-Mars conjunction on February 26 motivates you to turn clever ideas into constructive action. Don't waste time getting caught up in petty arguments; they distract you from the real tasks at hand.

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