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Scorpio Horoscope: February 2013

Dare to Believe

The ease with which you share your feelings this month is facilitated by speedy Mars' sojourn through your 5th House of Love and Creativity on February 1 to March 12. You're eager to express yourself when talkative Mercury enters emotional Pisces on February 5 and stays in your 5th House until April 13. This desire for living in the moment is heightened on February 18 when the Sun joins the party in your 5th House, followed by sweet Venus on February 25.

However, you could exhaust yourself if you don't pay attention to sensible limits when Mercury and Mars square boisterous Jupiter on February 9-10. You may set aside your need for emotional safety when the cerebral Aquarius New Moon on February 10 activates your 4th House of Security. Taking a risk sounds exciting because a stressful lunar aspect to electric Uranus stirs up your adrenaline, but a reserved Venus-Saturn square on February 11 reminds you that a little caution could save the day.

The challenge is to give yourself permission to dream -- without letting fantasies take over your life. Establishing and maintaining clear boundaries is difficult with up to six planets in starry-eyed Pisces this month. It's particularly tricky to discern what's real when Mars conjuncts mystical Neptune on February 4, followed by the Sun on February 21 and Venus on February 28.

However, cerebral Mercury retrogrades in your 5th House of Romance on February 23 to March 17, turning your thoughts inward and requiring you to revisit recent conversations about love. The analytical Virgo Full Moon on February 25 in your 11th House of Dreams and Wishes narrows your perspective so that you can focus your current efforts on achieving your long-term goals.

Keep in Mind this Month

No matter how magical it feels to be appreciated by someone you love, don't become infatuated or lose yourself in the exhilaration of the moment.

Key Dates for Scorpio

February 1-4: Fantasy Island

You're attracted to an unusual person as flirty Venus enters freethinking Aquarius on February 1. You might not act on these unconventional desires, however, while Venus visits your 4th House of Security. Meanwhile, physical Mars enters dreamy Pisces and your 5th House of Love, motivating you to bring romantic fantasies to life. Be cautious; you're increasingly deceived by your own imagination when Mars reaches a conjunction with illusory Neptune on February 4. Nevertheless, your creative vision can inspire you to believe in miracles, whether or not the potential is fully manifested.


February 15-16: Seize the Day

Heroic Mars and dynamic Pluto are your two key planets, and their cooperative sextile on February 15 infuses you with enough energy to launch a creative endeavor. Courageous Mars in your 5th House of Fun and Games forms a harmonious trine to karmic Saturn in your sign on February 16, indicating that you're playing for keeps now. Thankfully, your leadership skills are extraordinary and your ability to organize a complex project is exceptionally good. Don't wait for a better time to begin a new project or grab an amazing opportunity.

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