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Scorpio Love Horoscope: February 2013

There's plenty of passion in the air this month as your excitable ruling planet Mars enters your 5th House of Romance on February 1. This transit occurs in the tender and imaginative sign of Pisces, which is ideal for roleplaying and letting creativity guide your actions. If you've ruffled someone's feathers in the past, this is an excellent period for smoothing them over with generosity and kindness.

In a sense, it's like you're an actor or actress who can adapt your behavior to whatever part you want to play. This makes people notice you, and your magnetism and taste for fantasy are especially strong on February 4, when Mars joins mystical Neptune. Just make sure you don't give someone you're not interested in hope by sending him or her mixed signals.

Going too far is a possibility on February 10, when Mars makes a challenging square with boundless Jupiter. Being enthusiastic is great, but there's a chance you will do more or promise more than is appropriate. You have much better control of your actions and emotions when Mars forms favorable contacts with serious Saturn and potent Pluto on February 12-13. This should give you the ability to act with strong intention without overpowering others.

Your personal life could get another boost on February 18, when the Sun enters Pisces and your playful 5th House of Creativity. Loving Venus does the same on February 25, as you move toward a romantic peak when this alluring planet joins Neptune on February 28.

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