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Taurus Horoscope: February 2013

A Field of Dreams

Although you continue to focus on your career this month, your ambitions are less about getting ahead and more about pursuing your dreams when self-directed Mars enters your 11th House of Friends, Hopes and Wishes on February 1. You're more likely to weave your fantasies into your conversations when communicator Mercury enters imaginative Pisces and your 11th House on February 5.

Nevertheless, your desire to advance professionally is still running strong because your key planet, Venus, moves into your 10th House of Career and Responsibility on February 1. Harmonious aspects from valuable Venus to brilliant Uranus and beneficial Jupiter on February 6-7 bring recognition at work or even a raise. But don't brag about your contribution to a group effort or expect something for nothing. If you do, sudden events around the unpredictable Aquarius New Moon on February 10 could snatch success right out of your hands, teaching you an important lesson about practicing patience and humility.

The Sun joins the party in your social 11th House of Goals on February 18, shining light on more collective ideals rather than on your personal ambitions. You could be confused by a surprising lack of support at work with stressful aspects from friendly Venus to unstable Uranus on February 19 and to domineering Pluto on February 22.

It may take time to untangle the events leading up to the analytical Virgo Full Moon on February 25, because thoughtful Mercury turned retrograde on February 23 for a three-week review in fuzzy Pisces. Venus is the last planet to leave your status-seeking 10th House of Career, swimming into Pisces and your 11th House of Goals on February 25 to tempt you with future possibilities, even if they seem out of reach.

Keep in Mind this Month

Give yourself permission to hope. Your happiness depends on creating a sensible balance between achieving realistic goals and entertaining your most implausible dreams.

Key Dates for Taurus

February 4-7: Dare to Believe

You struggle to distinguish fact and fancy when imaginative Neptune joins insistent Mars on February 4 and cerebral Mercury on February 6. Because these conjunctions activate your 11th House of Goals, your fantasies about the future are so convincing you actually might believe them to be real. Although this can challenge your pragmatism, you now have the power to work toward making your dreams come true. You aren't as restrained by social convention when desirous Venus forms a supportive sextile with unorthodox Uranus on February 6, empowering you to take a risk to obtain something unusual or attract someone new. Fortunately, your gamble could lead to satisfaction beyond your expectations when lavish Venus trines auspicious Jupiter on February 7.


February 25-28: Dream Weaver

Your creativity is flowing strongly now, because the detail-oriented Virgo Full Moon on February 25 illuminates your 5th House of Self-Expression and reflects the soulful Pisces Sun. Still, the Full Moon's dynamic square to overblown Jupiter empowers you to take your vision too far. Reaching for the ideal relationship seems more important than being real when romantic Venus conjuncts diaphanous Neptune on February 28. Fortunately, witty Mercury is supercharged by red-hot Mars on February 26, enabling you to conjure up a magical spell that can make something special happen.

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