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February 2014 Career Horoscope

Arrested development

Working relationships could begin to operate more smoothly this month, and connecting with others should also come more easily. Venus, the planet of attraction, shifts into forward gear on January 31, so it will be easier to put professional alliances back on track.

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Communicating details accurately is expected to grow more complicated, however, when chatty Mercury turns retrograde on February 6. The messenger planet will backpedal until January 28, making this a confusing month. Don't assume that others understand you, or that you understand them without double-checking to make sure you're on the same page.

Messages are often muddled during Mercury Retrograde, although on the positive side it's a chance to go back and reconnect with people and projects of the recent past. Still, the risk of speaking carelessly or buying into bogus information from others is higher than normal now, which can put credibility on the line if we're not careful.

Patience is also critical, due to energetic Mars slowing down as it approaches its reversal (retrograde) point on March 1. This transit occurs in the partnership sign of Libra, increasing the likelihood of indecisiveness. Sitting on the fence and delaying making critical choices can be troublesome, yet it is a lot smarter than flying by the seats of our pants.

Every action we take will produce a reaction that can trigger delay, debate and make reaching conclusions more difficult. While frustration could lead to impulsive behavior, this is one of those months when choosing to hold off on making a major move is more sensible than pushing ahead without further deliberation.