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Aquarius Career Horoscope for February 2014

Keep it simple

The Sun in your sign until February 18 is helpful for building confidence, getting attention and taking the initiative. This is an excellent time to use your innovative mind to come up with ideas for improving your work situation. But even though your fertile brain might be cooking, getting your concepts across to others could be challenging.

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That's because cerebral Mercury is slowing down before turning retrograde on February 6. This is the start of its three-week reversal period, which complicates communications, managing details and dealing with technology. This cycle begins in your 2nd House of Income, where it could confuse or delay payments and purchases. On February 12, Mercury backs into your 1st House of Personality, giving you second chances to make connections and express yourself. Still, slow down and be as clear as you can. Sticking to basics is recommended to reduce the likelihood of being misunderstood.

The dramatic Leo Full Moon on February 14 shines in your 7th House of Others. This could trigger crises in working relationships that can actually help to clear the air. Reaching out to people to make alliances, attain customers or gain support in launching a project or getting a job is encouraged. Just remember to keep things as simple as possible to avoid killing a deal with complications.

On February 25, expansive Jupiter forms a high-charged square with your inventive ruling planet Uranus, lighting up the week with brilliant ideas and restless thinking. Just look twice and ask for some advice before making any sudden career moves.