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Aquarius Love Horoscope for February 2014

Genuine love

Anticipate major developments in your love life this month. True, you may feel more worried about career matters until after February 11, but on February 14 a Full Moon in your partnership sector will snap your focus right back to romance. In fact, this will be an especially auspicious lunation for you since it signals a delicious culmination between you and your mate.

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This Valentine's Day you might decide to deepen your commitment to one another by moving in together. You might also become engaged or even married. If you're already hitched you may renew your vows or simply share one of those unforgettable weekends that remind you why your partner is the one who holds your heart.

Mercury will turn retrograde on February 6, and after February 12, he'll actually back-peddle into your sign. From this point on until February 28 you might feel as if it's more difficult to convey your ideas in the way you want your mate to receive them. Don't be too hard on yourself. Use this time to listen more and talk less -- it'll do your love life good.

If you've been struggling with a decision about a secret love affair, it's possible that in February you'll know what to do. Pining away over a love interest that you know you can never truly be with might be an issue as well. The good news is that with the ability to go within and revise your thought patterns, any unrealistic expectations are likely to fall by the wayside by month's end. Well done -- you deserve a love that's real. If you're single, next month will be quite promising in that regard.