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Aries Horoscope: February 2014

Off the radar

Hedge your bets for career progress as early in the month as possible. In fact, you'll only have a few short days to act if you need to wrap up a negotiation, sign a contract or have that meeting with a VIP in your industry. Sure, Venus is now strong and direct in the area of your chart that rules success and honors, but Venus isn't the problem: Mercury is.

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On February 6, Mercury will enter its retrograde phase, and it will remain napping until February 28. Because this planet rules your communication sector and the area of your chart that involves daily activities connected to work, you might feel less clarity as you convey information to colleagues on a team project. In some cases, you may feel as if you've disappeared from the radar of someone you work with at the office -- and this may be disconcerting. After February 12 this retrograde phase may cause extra frustration if you're working on anything that is connected to technology or the Internet. If you spend time revising projects in this area, however, you will have an edge.

You might also notice that a friend from your past comes back into your life. Perhaps he or she finds you on Facebook or Twitter. Before you know it, you'll reconnect and it may feel as if your pal and you have never missed a beat.

Whether you're single or attached, this Valentine's Day will be sumptuous. A Full Moon on the February 14 in your romance sector promises hearts, flowers, and a very special evening with the person who makes your heart skip a beat. If single, you might attend a party and meet someone who appears larger than life. Expect to dance the night away!

On February 19, don't take it personally if you and a friend aren't seeing eye-to-eye. Make every effort to avoid sounding condescending to your pal. After February 28 you'll work through any misunderstanding.