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Cancer Career Horoscope for February 2014

Making connections

Professional relationships and potential alliances that have not taken root as you hoped may finally start working for you this month. Alluring Venus shifted out of reverse (retrograde) in your 7th House of Partners and the Public on January 31, and it will pick up speed throughout February. This increases your chances of strengthening existing work connections and making new ones.

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It's essential that you're well prepared to make your case to cash in on these opportunities. Socially skillful Venus is in well-organized Capricorn, where a high level of professionalism is a key to earning attention and approval. You may need to toughen up a little bit to get what you want. Your compassion and understanding of others are usually among your greatest assets, but being firm about your desires and going hard to fulfill them is important now.

On February 14 the Full Moon in Leo lands in your 2nd House of Income, which can bring financial issues to a head. While there could be some drama about expenses, don't think in terms of what things cost right now -- think about what a wise investment can bring you later. Buying equipment, upgrading your wardrobe or spending money on education makes sense, as long as you've carefully researched these matters in advance.

This lunation can also inspire income-producing ideas or trigger creative thinking that makes your work more valuable. Then, February 18, the Sun's shift into imaginative Pisces and your 9th House of Travel is favorable for making connections with people or finding inspiration with ideas from faraway places.