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Capricorn Career Horoscope for February 2014

Trust your intuition

Speaking carelessly is not usually your thing when it comes to work, so it might surprise you that people either aren't hearing you right or taking you so seriously this month. Putting extra effort into communication is a way to overcome this, which involves both expressing yourself and listening to others more carefully. The primary culprit in this tale of misinformation is Mercury the messenger planet.

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On February 6. Mercury stops dead in its tracks to turn retrograde and run in reverse until February 28. This shift occurs in your 3rd House of Communication, which is kind of a double-whammy when it comes to sending and receiving signals. Although your imagination may be strong and your sensitivity to others high, getting the facts straight could be more difficult.

The Sun then enters dreamy Pisces and your 3rd House on February 18, to keep issues of data control and conversational clarity on the front burner. Double-checking on questionable issues when you have any doubts about being understood or understanding another person makes sense, but there's also a potential for seeing your work differently enough to offer fresh insights about it. You're seeing between the lines and are able to recognize patterns and opportunities you might otherwise miss.

Private discussions can help to smooth out old problems that have made working with someone difficult or finding a job more complicated. Developing your intuition now fills in the gaps when you don't have all the facts, engages you emotionally and enhances your creativity.