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Gemini Love Horoscope for February 2014

Muddled conversations

A spicy month is possible when it comes to love -- despite your ruling planet, Mercury, turning retrograde. Yes, Mercury will back track from February 6-28 and this usually does affect you more than most. Be mindful of the classic "dos and don'ts" during Mercury Retrograde. Some of these include not signing contracts, making important decisions or verbal agreements, and allowing extra wiggle room in all communications due to the likelihood of misunderstanding. At the same time however, this Mercury Retrograde phase doesn't seem to hinder your romantic prospects. In fact, it might offer an opportunity to discuss matters in the past and finally resolve them.

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Between February 14 and February 16 you and your sweetheart might have an unforgettable conversation about the bigger picture that prompts you to re-evaluate everything you thought you knew about your philosophical or spiritual beliefs. At the very least, you'll come away from this conversation with a mind that is blown open.

After February 28 Mercury will turn direct and you'll have the ability to achieve total certainty about whether or not a lover feeds you spiritually and emotionally. By then you'll have had plenty of time to think! Next month begins a significant turning point for you regarding matters of the heart since on March 1 action planet Mars will turn retrograde in your true love sector and will remain in this state until May 20. Knowing this in advance may help you make any brave romantic moves now rather than later. If you have a major crush on someone for example, your bravado to ask him or her out will still be strong now. By next month however, your gumption may disappear entirely.