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Leo Horoscope: February 2014

The urge to purge

You might feel tempted to beat the clock and file your taxes early this year. Don't. On February 6, Mercury will station retrograde in the area of your chart that rules joint finances, taxes and investment monies. There's a greater potential for you to miss important information, misread documents or have a confusing discussion with your accountant or financial advisor. You'll be better off reviewing paperwork until February 12, because you may catch errors you missed the first time around. If you lost important receipts, you just might find them now, which will prove helpful.

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After February 12, Mercury will backpedal into your partnership sector, and you and your mate could experience a few extra misunderstandings until Mercury finally turns direct on February 28. One area of contention that will be tricky is a decision about a family matter you can't seem to agree on. This will be a real pain around February 19, so you'll need to exercise patience.

Going back to February 14, a Full Moon will fall in your sign -- always a signal that life will bring emotionally-charged events your way. You will likely feel a strong urge to purge and rid yourself of anything -- or anyone -- who isn't contributing to your personal sense of fulfillment. This lunation falls on Valentine's Day, and it will certainly bring out your sentimental side. You will be extra sensitive, however, if you're not feeling loved and appreciated during this time.