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Leo Love Horoscope for February 2014

Roar to life

It's a mixed bag for you when it comes to romance. On the one hand, you'll grapple with quite a few stressful aspects to your partnership sector. On the other hand however, a brilliant Full Moon in your sign mid-month will tell a tale of fulfillment … or ending.

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Of course, much depends on where you are currently with a lover or steady mate. On February 6 Mercury will turn retrograde in the area of your chart that rules intimacy. Clear communication about those "darker" subjects may feel extra touchy now. You might also experience a misunderstanding when it comes to the subject of money you share with your partner. On February 11 and again on February 19 domestic trouble might dampen your ability to enjoy your relationship. Then, on February 12 Mercury will back flip into your relationship sector adding even more frustration if there's something important that you and your sweetheart need to discuss. You will, however, have a supportive time to rehash old conversations or disputes until they're resolved. This may not be easy, but by the time Mercury turns direct on February 28 you and your partner might feel like you're on the same page once more.

The Full Moon on February 14 will occur in your sign -- just in time for Valentine's Day weekend! You might be completely in love with your mate and it's possible that events will transpire that only deepen your bond. Conversely however, if the communication rift has become too wide, you may decide to part ways.

If you're already flying solo, a chance encounter with someone on February 26 might lead to an exciting (if not fleeting) affair. You might even make this your little secret.