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Libra Career Horoscope for February 2014

Change of directions

Your creativity and ability to make effective presentations is likely to be excellent this month. February opens with the Sun in innovative Aquarius and your 5th House of Self-Expression. This energizing and encouraging transit lasts until February 18, pumping up your ability to get and keep attention. You're also likely to benefit with the change of direction of your sociable ruling planet, Venus. She was moving backward (retrograde) in your 4th House of Foundations until January 31, and will be picking up speed in this part of your chart all month.

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Venus' presence in ambitious and well-organized Capricorn should help you to visualize your professional future, put a plan around it and commit to doing what's necessary to build your reputation. On the other hand, brainy Mercury slips into reverse on February 6, and it will remain retrograde until the end of the month. While this cycle is usually associated with communication problems, it's especially related to your job this time because it starts in your 6th House of Employment.

This is a signal to temper your ambition just a little bit, as there may be unfinished tasks to be completed first. It's also possible that a problem or change of methods or systems could slow you down. One other meaning of this retrograde period is that you may need to get some additional training to bring your skills up to the appropriate level. Also, if you've had interest in another field in the past, you might find it appealing again and should consider pursuing it.