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Libra Love Horoscope for February 2014

First impressions are everything

Your ruling planet of love, Venus, has finally turned direct allowing you to work through any potential rough spots between your lover and your family. If you recently introduced your sweetheart to your clan it might not have gone over as smoothly as you'd hoped.

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Perhaps your partner didn't make the first impression he or she would have liked to and wished for a re-do. Unfortunately, there's no second chance at a first impression and if things haven't been off to an easy start between the person you love and your tribe, you may have felt especially troubled last month. Now, all of that will change and you'll have an opportunity to at least keep moving forward where all relationships are concerned. You might discover that your partner unexpectedly does something special for a relative and this kind gesture puts a sweet taste where sour judgment recently was. You'll be delighted!

If you're single as February begins you'll want to take note of Mercury turning retrograde on February 6. In particular, pay attention to how things are after February 12 when he'll re-enter your true love sector. In retrograde motion now, you might rekindle an old flame or at the very least, have a conversation with an ex or find yourself dwelling on an affair of the past. After February 28 Mercury will turn direct and if you decided to give an ex a second chance you'll know for certain if you made the right call.

No matter what is happening in your love life, take note that by the end of February the planet of energy and libido, Mars, will begin slowing down his motion in your sign in preparation to turn retrograde on March 1. Do what you can to accomplish what is most important to you in your love life now since you may feel as if you've lost your mojo by next month.