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Pisces Career Horoscope for February 2014

Play a supporting role

This is a transitional month that starts out with you getting less attention than usual and ending with a chance to take the spotlight. February rolls in with the life-giving Sun in quirky Aquarius and your 12th House of Obscurity. While this is an excellent position for gaining perspective, it's not that easy to advance your agenda. Taking time off, tending to your personal needs and completing unfinished business are more constructive activities now. Getting some distance from a stressful situation will provide you perspective to make better decisions about your career.

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Playing a supporting role on the job makes sense until February 18, when the Sun slips into Pisces and your 1st House of Initiation. That's when you will start to find the energy to begin new projects. But it is wise to take it slowly at first because of some potential confusion connected with Mercury Retrograde.

The backward turn of communication planet Mercury occurs on February 6 in your sign. You may have to alter plans, which makes more sense than pushing forward when you're missing important information or don't have the help of others. In fact, while this reversal continues until February 28, most of the month is ideal for reviewing recent events and repairing professional relationships.

If you've had problems with a colleague, boss or customer, use your compassionate nature and sensitivity to reach out and try to smooth things over. February is a great time to dream, because even if most of them can't come true, you will find ideas and inspiration that will elevate the quality of your work experience.