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Sagittarius Horoscope: February 2014

Chaos and confusion

The good news this month is that you'll finally feel more in control of your finances. Between December 21 and January 31, Venus Retrograde in your earned income sector prompted you to revise your approach to money and how you use your talents to earn it. As February begins, you'll immediately feel any pressure relating to finances wane. In fact, positive news is likely on February 24, relating to a long-term income opportunity. You might even receive a windfall from a relative or make a great real estate investment by February 28.

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Money news aside, February may have a couple of snags. With Mercury Retrograde from February 6-28, this is never a time to sign contracts or make new agreements or negotiations. In your case, this will be especially true after February 12, when Mercury backpedals into the area of your chart that rules communication. You might even struggle with a sense of confusion or depression around information that was meant to remain hidden, yet somehow is revealed on the February 19. This day may also bring an anxiety back from the past. You may have convinced yourself that you dealt with this demon a long time ago, yet something may trigger its reappearance now. You'll need to address it once more.

A Full Moon on February 14 may bring closure in a legal matter you've been struggling with. If you aren't involved in any legal situation, then it's possible you'll feel extra illumination around your spirituality. Sensitive awareness about your beliefs and whether or not they currently fulfill you is likely. You may also finalize travel plans if you're considering a trip overseas.