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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for February 2014

Proving your love

The ruler of your partnership sector, Mercury, will turn retrograde on February 6 and will remain so until February 28. This suggests that your month may fill with more miscommunication between you and your mate than usual. It's also possible that you'll find yourselves rehashing old conversations or having a difficult time coming to an agreement about a vital matter that affects you both. If possible, wait until after this phase is over before signing anything together or making a choice that will affect your partnership for the long haul.

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Valentine's Day might be romantic no matter how the communication is. That's because on February 14 a beautiful Full Moon will fall in Leo -- the sign that is all about grand gestures of affection. You're likely to feel spiritually connected to your mate as well. Perhaps your lover will surprise you with a dream vacation to an exotic locale or will whisk you away on a spiritual retreat. Even if you spend the weekend expanding your horizons near home you can still anticipate a fulfilling experience!

On February 26 you might feel tempted to go over budget if there's a gift or other expense connected to your sweetheart. If you're single, this day might lead to an unexpected encounter with someone as well as the opportunity for a new sexual experience. Be open but remain cautious. What happens around this day in matters of the heart might be thrilling but it's also likely to be fleeting.