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Scorpio Horoscope: February 2014

Take the spotlight

For some, love is a battlefield, and for others home and family can be. This month you might feel as if you have a little bit of both. Take heart: It's all temporary.

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On February 6, Mercury will turn retrograde in your romance sector. If you're dating someone new, there might be a few conversations that leave you scratching your head. This might be a major pain until February 12, but through any misunderstandings you'll discover whether this is true love or just an illusion.

A Full Moon on February 14 may bring illumination and fulfillment to you professionally. You'll certainly be in the spotlight for any achievement up until this point in your career. Enjoy your moment of glory!

Domestic tension is possible around February 19, when a conversation between you and a member of your clan can quickly turn into a gloomy, confusing mess. Avoid making a significant decision that will affect you or your family on this day, because no matter how hard you try, you won't make everyone happy.

Incredible progress is likely, however, regarding a conversation over finances or the status of a long-term relationship on February 24. Wait a few more days until after February 28 before signing any documents relating to money or partnership and you'll be in great shape.