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Taurus Horoscope: February 2014

Back in the driver's seat

Compared to how you might have felt last month, February could feel like a walk in the park -- even with Mercury turning retrograde on February 6. That's because your ruler, Venus, is now strong and direct after having been retrograde for all of January. Finally, you will feel "yourself" once more, and this will help you enjoy the brilliant domestic energy that the Full Moon on February 14 will offer you. News from a relative might be emotionally fulfilling, and this could be anything from someone announcing that a baby is on the way to the fact that wedding bells are about to ring!

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A key development in business is likely between February 14-16, but it'll involve a project that has already been in the works rather than something entirely new. If you and a partner or client experiences a frustrating disagreement on February 19, remind yourself about Mercury Retrograde and give your ally the benefit of the doubt. You will likely find a special edge in relationships around February 24, which may help you achieve resolution.

If you're slated to give a speech or a presentation in front of a crowd on February 28, you will absolutely shine! In fact, someone in the audience might be so impressed with your wisdom that he or she offers you an incredible opportunity, or becomes a new friend that will eventually help you achieve a personal dream.