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Taurus Love Horoscope for February 2014

Looking good near and far

Now that your ruler, Venus, is moving direct once more, you'll be in a stronger position to accomplish just about anything. When it comes to romance, that will be especially so since Venus is the social planet of amore. If you're planning on taking a trip overseas this month and you happen to be single, there's a strong chance that you will meet someone special during your travels. The attraction will be intense and might even lead to something durable. If you're attached and have plans to travel with your mate, you can expect this getaway to strengthen your bond -- especially around February 24.

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The only trouble will be that Mercury goes retrograde from February 6-28 and this might lead to delays with travel plans or hiccups in your itinerary. If you can remain flexible however, this won't unravel you or your good time.

If you're staying close to home this month then a Full Moon on February 14 might lead to a relative introducing you to a new romantic prospect. Accept the invitation of a family member to set you up on Valentine's Day weekend -- you might be pleasantly surprised.

Social pleasures will return full force by February 28. Mercury will turn direct, and on the same day, there will be a gorgeous lucky aspect that lights up your communication and social networking sector. Conversations about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness will delight you to no end.