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Virgo Horoscope: February 2014

This too shall pass

Because your ruling planet, Mercury, will turn retrograde on February 6, it may feel difficult to move forward with plans -- particularly if they're work related or have to do with a partner. Don't allow any misunderstanding between you and your mate during this month drive a wedge between you. Recognize it as a temporary snafu in your relationship, and accept that things may not truly clear up until after February 28 when Mercury turns direct.

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A Full Moon on February 14 might leave you aching for more privacy. If you're spending Valentine's Day alone, treat yourself to an evening spa treatment. You'll enjoy every ounce of the pampering. If attached, consider making this a couple's event. What an unusual and romantic gift idea this could be -- to surprise your honey with a couple's massage, followed by a sexy evening behind closed doors. Go for it!

In other news, you might have a glorious opportunity with a freelance assignment or other job where you are re-hired to do a project. There is every indication that the people who hired you the first time around were so pleased with your work that they are willing to pay you even more this year to do the job again. You may hear news about this around February 16 – and it'll surely make you smile.

After February 28, you and a friend may decide to partner up in order to make a mutual dream finally come true.